Manchester Property Rental

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A property to rent isn’t just a business. It’s a home for you and your family. So at Bentley Hurst, we take great pride in making you feel at home every day of your tenancy. With a range of services and a support network of trusted providers, we’re always on call to help your tenancy run smoothly.

Friendly local experts

We’re locals ourselves, so we know all about the homes and streets that our rental properties sit on. It means we’re nearby to help if anything happens and have the contacts to keep your rental property in the most remarkable shape possible. 

Tenant Protection 

If you couldn’t work, or if your outgoings suddenly increased, how would you make sure you could pay the rent without worry? We offer Tenant Protection, a secure and simple way to make sure the rent gets paid if your circumstances change.

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Zero Deposit Scheme 

The Zero Deposit Guarantee is a way of getting around the problem of finding a lump sum in advance to pay your next deposit. You can unlock the funds tied up in your old deposit and secure the new rental property without needing to come up with the new deposit – for the cost of just one weeks’ rent.

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