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It could happen to anyone. A bad month, a company crisis, a family crisis — these things come around, and it’s a wise person who plans for the future. Your home is important, so make sure you can stay there while things get back to normal. Tenant Protection means you have one less thing to worry about.

How would you manage without it? 

You love your home, but could you afford to stay there if your income fell? The average cost of rent or mortgage payments is £508 per month – and the average savings of a UK household are just £3494. How long could your emergency fund tide you over for until you had to start thinking about moving? 

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Tenant Protection keeps you secure

A regular payment as part of an ongoing plan will secure you the best tenant protection for your needs. It’s like insurance for your rent — if you need to call on it, it’s there to cover the shortfall on your rental payments and keep you and your family in your home. 

Bring yourself peace of mind in minutes 

No matter what your regular outgoings are, Tenant Protection gives you another layer of security. Nobody knows what’s coming next, and the worst may never happen — but it pays to be prepared, so you can rest easy knowing your home will be secure. 

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Find out how Tenant Protection can help you

You can book a free, no-obligation appointment with us to talk over Tenant Protection and what it offers. It costs less than you’d think and provides peace of mind for the future. Give your home the stability and security you deserve. Call today or just pop in and see our team face to face.