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What is the Zero Deposit™️ Guarantee for tenants?

The Zero Deposit Guarantee allows you to rent your next home without paying an expensive security deposit, or you can unlock the money you have tied up with an existing deposit.

Our no deposit scheme provides your landlord with more protection than a traditional deposit and only costs you one weeks rent!

Reduce costs

The Zero Deposit™ Guarantee costs the equivalent of one week’s rent and replaces your traditional security deposit, making renting more affordable.

How does Zero Deposit renting work?

Our process is smooth and hassle-free, helping to take the stress out of renting and moving house.

Purchasing a guarantee

You choose to purchase a Zero Deposit Guarantee to replace your security deposit. If you’re already living in your rented property, speak to your agent about beginning the process of releasing your deposit.

The tenancy ends

At the end of the tenancy, if there are no damages or unpaid rent, then the Zero Deposit Guarantee will end and there is no further action required.

Damages or unpaid rent

If there are any damages or unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy, you’ll still be liable to pay for them. Any disputes that can’t be resolved with your landlord will be referred to TDS for adjudication.

Protected and fair

Zero Deposit operates a no deposit rental scheme that is regulated by the FCA and our claims process is designed to give everyone peace of mind.

Designed for you

Getting started with a Zero Deposit Guarantee on your rental is quick and easy. You can even release a deposit within your current tenancy.

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