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zero deposit scheme landlord

Good for tenants, great for landlords.

A Zero Deposit™ guarantee makes renting better for everyone involved. As a Zero Deposit landlord, you receive protection equal to a six-week deposit, even after the deposit cap! Tenants can purchase a no deposit guarantee for the equivalent of one week's rent, making renting more affordable. This can help speed up the renting process and reduce void periods. Renting a property using Zero Deposit does not mean zero responsibility. Tenants remain liable for any damages or rent arrears.

Better protected

With most cash deposits capped at five weeks, our six week guarantee gives you more cover.

How does it work?

Our process is smooth, simple and secure, making renting better for everyone. We’re here to provide support every step of the way.

A guarantee is purchased

The landlord chooses to use Zero Deposit. Your tenant(s) then purchase a Zero Deposit™️ guarantee that gives you protection equivalent to six weeks rent.

The tenancy ends

At the end of the tenancy, if there are no damages or unpaid rent, then the guarantee will end and there is no further action required.

Damages or unpaid rent

If you can’t settle a dispute with your tenants your claim will be sent to TDS for adjudication. Approved claims will be paid to you within two working days.

Attract tenants faster

By reducing the upfront cost of renting, Zero Deposit speeds up the process and reduces void periods.

Fast payouts

Claims are adjudicated by TDS and landlords receive fair payouts within two working days - removing all of the traditional hassle.